The International Poetburo has constructed the following index of Dutch poets. We deemed such an index necessary for foreign publishers and media. Because such index was lacking foreign people often have the greatest trouble determining which is the best Dutch poet, whom to translate, or even whom to include in eventual anthologies. The index is an ongoing process, we are evaluating poets by their works as we speak, in time this will be the standard index all international poets, organizers and publishers can cogitate on.

PoetKind of poetryImportance of poetNetwork indexTranslate? Recommendation
Willem ThiesHallucinations and observations. Three star Minor55% - Mostly dutch network, often has drunk fights on social media and deletes posts afterwardsRecommended for large anthologies
Vicky FrankenQuirky thoughts and kitchen table philosophiesThree star Beginner24% - Not much of a networkerRecommended for large anthologies
Erik LindnerMinimalist expressionist, observational poetryTwo star Minor78%
Has an international network and some dutch network
Recommended for large anthologies
H.H. ter BalktLanguage based, both lyrical and conceptualFour star Major12% - never was much of a networkerRecommended for any anthology, recommended for book translationDe Laaglandse Hymnen
Pieter BoskmaEdelkitsch posing as semi-classical poetryTwo star MinorHas been on dutch televisionRecommended for large anthologies
Mischa AndriessenStill life poetry made with short anecdotesOne star MinorWill be the new boss of fund of literatureRecommended for huge anthologies
Joost BaarsReligious kitschFlukeWill kill his spouse for golden chairRecommended for disaster anthologies
Frank KoenegrachtConceptual, some brilliant thoughts and imagery.Three star MajorIsolatedRecommended for all anthologies and single book translation. Vroege Sneeuw
Alfred SchafferConceptual/identity poetryOne star MajorPretends to be an outsiderRecommended for all anthologies and book translationMens Dier Ding
Paul SnoekLanguage, visuals.Four star MajorNot much of a networker. Well he's dead, anywayRecommended for all anthologies and book translationCollected works
Ilja Leonard PfeijfferFake Zorro StuffThree star BeginnerConnected to some sort of literary maffiaRecommended for Zorro anthologies
Tonnus OosterhoffConceptual, experimentalTwo star MajorPretends he hides on a farmRecommended for all anthologiesHersenmutor
Karel van de WoestijneLanguage based lyrical poetryFive star MajorHe had his daysRecommended for all anothologies and book translationsCollected works
Ester Naomi PerquinAnecdotal poetry with some mild imageryThree star MinorHas excellent connections with the Consensus Police. Recommended for large anthologies
Maria BarnasAnecdotal conceptualism for dummiesTwo star MinorPermanently glued to every magazine coverRecommended for large anthologies

Above index will be updated regularily. People looking for the best Dutch Poetry, translated Dutch Poets or the canon of Dutch poetry are advised to check the list at least once every six months. The International Poetburo consists of James Sheard, Dale Houstman, Martijn Benders and Aidan Tynan and was formed as a means to regulate the Poetic Apocalypse in times of horrid overproduction,