00-Sage Martinus Hogervorst Benders

Welcome to this place that celebrates magiq, intelligence and language.

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Reconnect to the divine spirit of nature and learn how to uncover your destiny.
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Magiq is Freedom

Escape the machine-mind and reconnect with the magikal self.

Microdose sage

Connect to a microdose sage and learn to heal yourself to become your best version.
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Don't believe the hype!

But instead focus on stopping the world, to employ your unexplored totality

The Sage System

Read about the Sage System and become a Sage of Realities.
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Welcome to the website of the 00-sage Martinus Hogervorst-Benders. AIUS OEO EE.

Home of the new MagiQ and the Sage System Martinus Hogevorst Benders is also known as a Language Sage that wrote 13 critically revered books. Many regard him as the most important ‘poet’ of his generation even though he himself does not see merit in the bard-crowd entertainment system superimposed by the predator-maffia system of Romans and Angloseksists. Benders sees more merit in the Sage-in-Soma, never restrained, active, all conquering bursting forth, a Seer and Sage by sapience.

Welcome, scrooging ghosts of the internet!