Dear Earthlings! 

This site has now become a New Autonomous Zone, a NAZ, as aan instrument of expression of M.H.H.Benders, the notorious autor and artist that brough 17 books into this world, a microdose bible, an impeccable book on mushrooms and lots and lots of beautiful artworks. 

Thank you for visiting this website. As you can probably understand realising above goals is a lot of work. The artworks are next and the impeccable book on mushrooms, after which the Microdose Bible will be unleashed. 

I am grateful to all my readers and followers who made my life possible. If you want to support an ambitious arthis, please consider purchasing one of my artworks as a representation of high quality energy in your home. I will add more works to this page as time goes by, and if the current works dont speak to you maybe some of the new ones will. 

‘Demosnowmen are inkling’ is the title of the painting next to this text. Read my weblog to read details about it, and contact me at m dot benders at gmeel dot com if you want to talk about purchasing a certain work. I’m open to all suggestions!

To those who have no budget for art: I did not forget you. If you have no budget at all my coming book will be available to you free of charge in digital form. If you only have low budget you can consider either buying my books or a relatively cheap reproduction of my artworks on canvas instead of bying the original. 

I wish you a very magickal life, full of wonder and excitement. Dear reader, thank you for taking the time to read this piece. 

Art Gallery