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Amanita Muscaria: The Book of the Empress

During one magical winter night, after first experimenting with this mushroom, I was transported through a dimensional portal and received an incredible download of information. This left me questioning why I, a writer of some reputation, was singled out for such a unique experience.

So I began to read all the literature available on this mushroom, and I began to see what the real problem was.

There are two types of books on the market:

  • Popular science – the first type are types that depend on a popular science type narrative. They repeat stories that are ‘known’ about the mushroom and quote a few ‘research papers’ that can be summed up in one line: not much research has been done and more is needed.

  •  Mystery ingredient books: Quite a few of these: the whole book is about speculating whether Amanita Muscaria was the mystery ingredient in some ancient drink.

This may surprise you, but neither of these approaches is actually good. They form a false duality between which reality bounces back and forth, but there is a third perspective that can be invoked: the philosophical/literary one.

That’s why the mushroom contacted a writer, so I took on the phenomenal task of really investigating what is true and what is disinformation when it comes to this mushroom, its history, its practical and shamanic use.

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Martijn Benders, a renowned Dutch poet and mycophilosopher, has authored seventeen books including an extensive 712-page collection of absurdist poetry entitled ‘Tract of the Sun’. Gaining notoriety for his irreverent approach to Dutch poetry awards, Benders found himself among the first writers ostracised by the New Woke movement, which he dubbed  ‘Woke with Jesus’.

Benders argues that the realm of modern literature is governed by the academia, an establishment that has been in decline for over a century, producing increasingly lacklustre gatekeepers who operate within a system rife with religious prejudice and  devoid of a tangible secularist structure. This has led to a distorted and pedantic bias that Benders has termed Kinderreich, which he believes originated within Gombrovicz’s Ferdydurke.

The Woke movement according to Benders is not leftist at all, but a dumbed down emulation of such by a conglomerate of conservative and destructive forces operating through the phenomenon of ‘banding’, with the hidden intention of turning this planet into an even worse dystopia. Benders, who has identified as an anarchist all his life, can’t see these people as ‘leftists’, nor does he have any allegiance to so-called ‘right-wing alternatives’.

Benders’ skills as a poet cannot be ignored. His absurdist verse offers an invigorating departure from conventional poetry, challenging readers to venture beyond the confines of the ordinary. His anthology, Tract of the Sun, is a testament to his ability as a poet and is essential reading for anyone with a taste for contemporary verse.

He has amassed an impressive body of laudatory reviews, conspicuously absent from those chosen by the very establishments he criticises to ‘play the talent’. It is this glaring discrepancy that further underlines the need for a more equitable and unbiased approach to recognising and celebrating poetic talent in the literary world. 

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2023 will be the year I will translate most of my work into English. I will make it all available for free, so if you like my poetry, be sure to check back because I will post a poem every day from my collection ‘The Book of the Poems’. In the end it will be real paper book, but I see now reason to limit the audience as I do not expect monetary gains of poetry. Below above the header I will add poems from time to time, In the column to the right you can download works for free. Underneath, I will start my own Audio Podcast soon, and Audiobooks for everyone to enjoy:

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Gedichten om te Lezen in het Donker (2022):
Gedichten om te Lezen in het Donker (886 downloads)

O Kolle Klokkespin (2021):
O Kolle Klokkenspin (576 downloads)


Poetry to Read in the Dark (2022):
Poetry to Read in the Dark (2022) (1141 downloads)

Lippenspook (2016):
Lippenspook (169 downloads)

Sauseschritt (2015):
Sauseschritt (2015) (222 downloads)

What do I buy for your darkwilde powers, Willem? (2011):
What do I buy for your darkwilde powers, Willem? (PDF) (275 downloads)


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2024 will be the year I will release my first album, both in Dutch and in English. The Dutch title will be ‘Rellen om het fontein’ based on the notorious song of The Smiths, which will appear on the album – here is an instrumental version:

Empowering Individuals in the Battle Against the Benzodiazepine Epidemic

At our core, my mission is to be a guiding light for those entangled in the grips of the benzodiazepine epidemic. I am dedicated to providing support to individuals seeking to regain control of their lives. Drawing from personal experiences and extensive research, I believe that if I could overcome these challenges, others can too.

One of the key pillars of my mission is to offer aid in benzodiazepine withdrawal through my Sage Mycotherapist Program . Recognizing the unique struggles and dangers associated with withdrawal, I provide a safe and supportive therapy where individuals can receive virtual guidance, counseling, and tailored treatment plans. Well-versed in the complexities of benzodiazepine withdrawal, my therapy is committed to ensuring the well-being and success of my clients throughout their recovery journey.

In addition my book “Amanita Muscaria: The Book of the Empress” stands as a valuable resource for those seeking further insights and strategies. Delving into the realms of healing and recovery, the book offers a comprehensive exploration of alternative approaches and empowering knowledge. While it may provide assistance and inspiration, we also offer mycotherapist services, detailed on our service page, to provide personalized support and guidance for individuals on their path to remastering their own lives. Together, we aim to pave the way for a brighter future beyond the benzodiazepine epidemic.