Welcome to this website. It is the base turf of Martinus Benders, student of the Universal Mycelia, Sage poet, philosopher and writer. All just labels, terms. But check out my books and and see why i am the most rubyred and raffereth poet of my generation.

As a sage I represent the forest and mushrooms in the human world and try to be a voice for them. 

Sage receptor diet scheme

I created this interview to show what a Sage eats for his receptors and what he does not eat. It is quite a simple scheme, we do not use any systematic drugs only natural ones that improve our senses. Click on the button read the interview and see the scheme. 


Marc van Oostendorp:

“It is striking that the collection, as far as I can see, has not been reviewed anywhere. Perhaps no reviewer knows how to deal with the poet, perhaps no reviewer knows how to deal with the collection. You might say that this is a good sign, at least in spirit: this is not a collection that is so similar to other collections that you can put it neatly on your bookshelf after reading it. Not the umpteenth book of neat style exercises, dealing with problems that everyone worries about a bit, good, beautifully formulated texts on manageable subjects, but a wild leap into the unknown.”