Welcome to 2023

2023 will be the year I will translate most of my work into English. I will make it all available for free, so if you like my poetry, be sure to check back because I will post a poem every day from my collection ‘Tract of the Sun’.

Today a poem from my first collection, Karavanserai:


The dead never fully departed from us.
When we slumber, they slip
into old habits. They count hoarded coin
under the bed, comb their lacquered  hair
straight or discard rubbish bags. Everything with

unshakeable routine. We, who are but their
faint memories, lie supine in bed,
ablaze with dreamy fires in our heads
that transport them back home.

When their shadowy thoughts,
which are slight but spare nothing,
falter for a moment with doubt,

they extend their frayed hands
into our dreams
to warm themselves, perchance,
or somehow still cling to belief,

to extinguish this only light they know
until all is dark and sleep presents itself
with open curtains.

Martijn Benders, from: Karavanserai, Nieuw Amsterdam Publishers, 2008

Pray, allow me to extend to you the opportunity to acquire my complete corpus of poetry, written in the Dutch language, with additional translations to be made available in due course. These works are suitable for both interpretation and recitation, with my treatise “Traktaat of the Sun” encompassing all my published works until the year 2020. At present, there are only three books in the collection, being the subsequent volumes I have had the honour of publishing.

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Gedichten om te Lezen in het Donker (2022):

Gedichten om te Lezen in het Donker (550 downloads)

O Kolle Klokkespin (2021):

O Kolle Klokkenspin (378 downloads)

Traktaat van de Zon (1995-2020):



Poetry to Read in the Dark (2022):
Poetry to Read in the Dark (2022) (648 downloads)

Sauseschritt (2015):
Sauseschritt (2015) (34 downloads)

What do I buy for your darkwilde powers, Willem? (2011):
What do I buy for your darkwilde powers, Willem? (PDF) (120 downloads)

Epub versions:

Sauseschritt Epub


Willem Epub


I am one of the founders of shamanita.org, a website where you can take part in ceremonies involving Amanita Muscaria, usually hosted by Inge in Belgium. Amanita is a healer and a mushroom of celebration, interested people can contact me or go to the site www.shamanita.org

In my upcoming book SHHHHHHHROOM there will be lots of new information about this mushroom, its history, recipes and use – stay tuned it will appear in 2023! It invites the reader to consider the power of silence and the ways in which it can be harnessed to achieve a more serene state of being. By examining the role of mushrooms in promoting a stillness of mind, the author endeavors to demonstrate that this elusive quality can be achieved with their help, and that we might all benefit from embracing the power of stillness in our lives. I do hope that this book will pique your interest and lead you on a journey of discovery and contemplation.

Poetry to Read in the Dark

M.H.H. Benders has recently released a new book called ‘Poetry to Read in the Dark’, which has already gained a significant following within the literary community. This collection of poems delves into the inner workings of the human mind, exploring themes of darkness, fear, and self-discovery. Benders’ use of vivid imagery and emotive language creates a sense of intimacy and vulnerability that resonates with readers.

SHHHHHHROOM, Benders’ upcoming release, promises to be just as thought-provoking and insightful as ‘Poetry to Read in the Dark’. This book focuses on the use of mushrooms and microdoses as tools for personal and spiritual growth. Benders explores the benefits of incorporating these natural substances into one’s life, including increased creativity, introspection, and mindfulness.

The Microdose Bible, also by Benders, is a comprehensive guide to the use of microdoses for both therapeutic and personal development purposes. It covers the science behind microdosing, practical tips for those new to the practice, and real-life stories from individuals who have experienced the transformative effects of microdosing.

These three books by M.H.H. Benders are important contributions to the growing conversations surrounding mushrooms and microdoses. As more and more people become interested in the potential benefits of these substances, Benders’ work serves as a valuable resource for understanding and safely incorporating them into one’s life. The raw honesty and vulnerability present in Benders’ writing also helps to destigmatize the use of mushrooms and microdoses, paving the way for more open and honest discussions about their place in society.

Martijn Benders is a Dutch artist known for his use of ochreous gold colours and very sharp contrasts in his works. This style is not only aesthetically pleasing, but also has a deeper meaning for the audience.

By using these colours and contrasts, Benders creates a sense of alienation in the audience. The ochre gold colours have an exotic and mysterious character, which captures the audience’s attention and invites them to look further and discover what the artwork has to offer. The sharp contrasts reinforce this sense of alienation, by drawing attention to certain elements of the artwork and inviting the audience to interpret its meaning.

This use of ochreous gold colours and very sharp contrasts can also be seen in the work of other artists, such as American artist James Turrell, who is known for his installations using light and colour to evoke emotions in the audience. French artist Henri Matisse also used bright, contrasting colours in his works, which made him one of the most important figures in the Fauvism movement.

Inspired by Russian iconography, Science Fiction and New Fauvism, Benders works an a brand new exhibition in 2023, stay tuned for good tidings. 

17 books at 50

Martijn Benders is a Dutch poet who has written 17 books and a collected works called ‘Tract of the Sun’, a 712 page collection full of absurdist poetry. Benders is known for sabotaging poetry prices because he believes that they are rigged by religious cults. But in the years he was doing so, literally no one asked him WHY he did what he did. 

According to Benders, the lack of secularism in the government is at the root of the problem. He argues that many poetry prizes are controlled by religious organizations or individuals who use their influence to award prizes to poets who align with their beliefs. This creates a biased system that is not fair to poets who do not adhere to these beliefs.

Benders believes that this lack of secularism in the government also has a negative impact on society as a whole. He argues that by prioritizing the interests of religious groups over those of secular individuals, the government is promoting division and intolerance. This is why he has chosen to sabotage poetry prices as a way of protesting against this system.

Despite the controversy surrounding his actions, Benders’ work as a poet should not be overlooked. His absurdist poetry is a refreshing change from traditional poetry and challenges readers to think outside the box. His collected works, ‘Tract of the Sun’, is a testament to his talent as a poet and is a must-read for anyone interested in contemporary poetry.


There is no Snow in the Mother

This painting represents the concept of the snowman in the mother, taken from my collection ‘Poems to Read in the Dark’. The unsuspecting reader will initially find it a bizarre concept, a snowman in a womb. But as the painting shows, it is simply an image of conception itself, and in a collection about death, that is one of the most effective images. The ultimate warmth, the womb, the ultimate cold, the snow. The womb that in that painting is like a coiled snake, through which the universe shines, just like in the collection’s inclusion poem. All in all, I find it very exciting and challenging to create images to accompany the images in my poems.
When I talked to someone on facebook that person asked me why I could have been experiencing cold in the womb, which is a quite unnatural phenomenon. Well, my mother smoked during her entire pregnacy. And nicotine cause a fight or flight reaction in the nervous system, which when you cant go anywhere…translates as cold, so the circle is round again. 
Martijn Benders