With my special methods that involve microdosing psychedelics in a Sagist-basing manner, combined with techniques I learned from Kneipp, Castaneda and Gurdjieff I am able to cure most addictions provided that the candidate is serious and vows to stick to the program schedule at least for one year.

My program requires discipline and devotion, but once those are present it will bring the candidate much more than a usual anti-addiction program. My program goes deeper and roots out the cause of the addiction, and moreover alloews for a special kind of tapering, that does not demand absolute sobriety from the candidate, making it a more pleasant and satisfying road to take in life.

I offer my program of guided therapy for the following addictions:

Alcohol addict program:

I don’t treat all alcoholics – if your alcohol usage is extremely long and severe quitting it is beyond the scope of this program, but if you are a moderate to heavy alcohol addict with a serious intention to quit I am willing to help you, please click the button for a free take in chat:

Cannabis addict program:

A Cannabis addiction is much morer serious than most people think. The strength of THC in plants has been boosted to such extents the plant almost has hallucigenic properties and the cannaboid receptors are part of the painkilling network that sedates and makes you foggy an woozy, and an
addiction to this causes you to wooze your life away. No good! Feel free to contact me for a free take in chat:

Smoking addict program:

Another systematic legal maffia-drug that has very little to offer and a lot to kill. Quitting it is generally a pain in the ass but my program will make it more easy, and help to clean your lungs faster which is extremely important. I will teach you a special kind of yoga I learned from sufis
which combined with the rest of my program will make you an oxygen champion once again! Feel free to contact me for a free take in chat:

Benzodiazepinen addict program:

Some say they are harder to quit than heroine. The gaba receptor network ties closely to the infant suckling stage, which is why benzos and alcohol have a lot in common: they make you stupid and dependent and infantile and, if you keep at it long enough, you will become a demented being.
That’s not what you want, friend. You want to feel alive again. My program
will taper you off your benzo’s and offer some occasional highs along the road so you will progress without too much pain. Feel free to contact me for a free take in chat:

Phenibut addict program:

Oh, another gaba receptor queen – yes it feel like a warm blanket, but unfortunately it feels very differently once you try to get rid of the substance. If you are addicted to Phenibut my program offers a way of tapering out of it that is less painful than the usual way without training.
Feel free to contact me for a free take in chat:

Kratom addict program:

Kratom, the friendly opiate plant alternative, that is nonetheless pretty addictive and manages to fool a lot of users into an opiod addiction. By actually microdosing kratom in combination with other substances I will taper off your addiction in a less painful way, the rest is up to your discipline! Feel free to contact me for a free take in chat:

Anti-depressives program:

You have been using anti-depressants a long time and feel you would like to try live life with a clear view, but now you have discovered they are actually really hard to get rid of. Don’t worry, my program will guide you to a better life and better consiousness with a combination of smartdosing, a mind cleaning program and personal therapy. You will be free of depression and anti-depressives and have a new outlook on yourself and life, providing you have the discipline to stick to the program. Feel free to contact me for a free take in chat: