De ‘cultuur van het leven’ van Frans Timmermans

De ‘cultuur van het leven’ van Frans Timmermans

Dat het tot oorlog zou komen, besefte ik al toen de Neocon-linksen Bernie met een of andere smerige truc opzijzetten. Biden, wiens hond zo ongeveer alles onthult: een herder die hij ‘Commander’ noemt en die zo agressief is dat hij meerdere leden van de geheime dienst zo ernstig beet dat ze in het ziekenhuis behandeld moesten worden. Honden nemen vaak de ‘energie’ van hun eigenaar over, en onze aan kinderen snuffelende gerontocraat was dus slecht nieuws voor de wereldvrede, dat wist ik toen al.

Inmiddels zijn we 50.000 Oekraïense amputaties verder, omdat jonge soldaten de Russische mijnenvelden ingestuurd werden omdat er ‘resultaten geboekt moesten worden’ voor de neocons. Rutte stond erbij als een boer met kiespijn, in een ziekenhuis naast twee geamputeerden, een selfie nemend met een eveneens lachende Zelensky. Het was de meest afgrijselijke foto van het jaar, maar inmiddels kan ik hem nergens meer vinden.

Ik vind het onbegrijpelijk dat iemand na het doen van zo’n evident fascistische uitspraak niet op zijn minst ontslagen wordt.

Martinus 27-02-2024

About the author

Martijn Benders has published twenty-six books, eighteen of which are in Dutch. Critics such as Komrij and Gerbrandy have hailed him as one of the greatest talents of his time. He has also written three philosophical works, one of which is in English and focuses on the Amanita Muscaria, the Fly Agaric. Publishing on the international platform of The Philosophical Salon, he has also gained international recognition as one of the most remarkable thinkers from the Netherlands.


There exists a considerable group of leftist individuals who vigorously opposed the prevailing coronavirus narrative, including some of the world’s leading philosophers, such as Agamben and Kacem. However, this stance was heavily censored and vilified by what is referred to as ‘neocon-left’ or ‘woke-left’, as something associated solely with what they deem ‘far-right’. In my book, I discuss the reasons behind these actions, the underlying motives, and how this is emblematic of a new form of fascism aimed at seizing power permanently.

The middle section of the book is dedicated to poetry. It features a beautiful selection of poems from the Mediterranean region, by poets from Turkey and Greece, who have been imprisoned and tortured by the regime.

The final part of my book is a manifesto against literary nihilism, as manifested in the Literature Fund. It reveals how this fund is dominated by a group of Christians and ‘wokies’, which is undesirable in a free society.

Amanita Muscaria – The Book of the Empress is an exceptional work that sets a new benchmark in the realm of mycophilosophy. While one might be tempted to classify the book within the domain of Art History, such a categorization would fail to capture its true essence. 

Amanita Muscaria – The Book of the Empress – De Kaneelfabriek, 2023

You don’t have time to read this, but that’s because you are no longer human. If anything remained of the original person within you, the old mycelia of childhood, you would learn a great deal from this book. In fact, its magical knowledge might become your most valuable possession. This is a book about human imagination and how it fell into the iron grip of transdimensional cockroaches. Additionally, it offers magical tips to significantly improve your life and time acceleration. M.H.H. Benders also takes a light-hearted yet scathing look at the entirety of Dutch literature. What more could you want?