Diary Entry, 08-02-2023

Diary Entry, 08-02-2023

Diary Entry, 08-02-2023

As I persist in my work on SHHHHHHROOM, I am increasingly cognizant of its seminal importance to humanity. Only a few years ago, when I delved into the available literature on teacher plants and mushrooms, I was disheartened to find that aside from Aldous Huxley, few truly talented writers had taken on this subject. Some of the works I encountered were even detrimental to the cause, particularly those disingenuous missives authored by Leary. One can’t help but wonder if the CIA wasn’t funding such efforts to discredit LSD.

In studying the Amanita Muscaria, I was overcome by the notion that the stories I was reading were not the full picture, and that the mushroom had chosen me as the writer to share its true tale. The implications of this truth are profound and I am reluctant to divulge them until they have been properly printed and read by all.

I have decided to release the book in the English language, as the Dutch literary scene is unfortunately plagued by a clique of parasites. This week, they once again demonstrated their propensity for herd-like behavior when a guy who published a story celebrating the sexual assault of a child was invited to write children’s poetry for poetry week. The reaction was uniform and the reasoning was asinine.

If one writes a story that glorifies murder and one brags about knowing a murderer, and the Dutch National Book Board then makes them the writer of the year for prison poetry, does that make someone a moral knight if they decry this absurdity? Of course not. What kind of people are these, who so disingenuously play the victim? I have not seen any death threats, but I have seen countless subpar stories and poems that are nothing short of nauseating.

Note: for the time being this weblog is defunct and will be continued here as a diary

Nobelpreis für Deutschland

Treffpunkt feiner Geiste

M.H.H. Benders ist ein anerkannter Dichter seiner Generation, ein Schüler der universellen Myzelien, Amanita Sage und Mykophilosoph. Er hat siebenundzwanzig Bücher geschrieben, die letzten in der Kaneelfabriek.

Momentan arbeitet er an dem zweiten Band der SHHHHHHROOM-Reihe, Bücher über Pilze, und der Microdose Bible, einem Aktivierungsplan zur Wiederherstellung Ihrer wahren Identität, der nächstes Jahr erscheinen soll. Bleiben Sie dran!

Aber das Große Ziel von Benders ist es, in Deutschland Erfolg zu haben. Er hat die Dynamik und Vielfalt der deutschen literarischen Szene erkannt und ist bereit, sich darauf einzulassen und seinen Beitrag zu leisten. Mit seinem einzigartigen literarischen Stil und seiner unermüdlichen Arbeitsmoral ist er entschlossen, ein neues Kapitel in der deutschen Literaturgeschichte zu schreiben.


“Amanita Muscaria – The Book of the Empress” is an exceptional work that establishes a benchmark in the realm of mycophilosophy. While one could perhaps categorize the book within the domain of Art History, such a classification would fail to do justice to its true essence. Primarily, this captivating text explores the evolution of humankind, making it a standout in its field.

Amanita Muscaria – The Book of the Empress – De Kaneelfabriek, 2023

“‘Waarover de Piranha droomt in de Limonadesloot’ stands as a philosophical exploration into the human faculty of imagination. It probes the intriguing notion that imagination, rather than offering solutions to our problems, might in fact be their origin. This thought-provoking work is set to be available in English and German by the close of 2023.