How dangerous is the Amanita Muscaria?

An interview with Sage Martinus

How dangerous is the fly agaric / the amanita muscaria / the host mushroom?

You would have to eat about 120 mushrooms to be in real danger of death. But that is technically impossible, because after a handful of mushrooms you are already too intoxicated to continue eating.

There is (note) no known case in human history of anyone dying from using the host mushroom.

It is the favourite entheogen/teacher of the animal kingdom. Squirrels, deer, reindeer, rabbits, bears, coyotes: they all like to get high on this mushroom.

Those animals have a nose and a group history. If the mushroom were dangerous and harmful, they would not eat it.

I don’t know any animals that cook Ayahuasca or snack on the San Pedro en masse. So if you ask the animal kingdom, their voice is clear.

But humans are very different, have different organs, different make-up.

Humans especially have a lost sense of smell that no longer allows them to determine what they
they can eat. And they have a religious clique that made up a dirty name for the mushroom and an urban legend, to prevent people from using it, because for them the effect is very undesirable.

What is that effect then?

Making women powerful. Their whole interest-driven system depends on frightened women who don’t have the power to say no. That is why they do not want people to eat mushrooms and have replaced them with hollow calories and meat from cruel sources. Assertive women would ensure slow reproduction. If you live on interest, that is a problem. You want as many pawns on the globe as possible, and that everything is going to hell is not your problem, because you can’t expect ideals from a parasite.

They replaced this sacred mushroom by another Gaba-substance: alcohol. What does alcohol do? It dumbs your ability to choose a right partner. Result? Numbers, numbers, exponential growth. And a lot of crispy unhappiness to sell your drugs to.

But there are poisons in the mushroom, aren’t there?

There are substances in it that make it necessary that you use it with instructions. Ibotenic acid and Muscimol are the most important. If you want to minimise the physical burden, you have to follow a method that minimises the ibotenic acid. The best method is to simmer seven fresh mushrooms for 3 hours in a pan of 3 litres of water with one and a half squeezed out lemons or limes. I believe the PH value should be 2.7 for the best result. Then pour the water off into a bottle or into one of those ice cube trays that you can freeze afterwards. Then you will have Ambrosia that contains as little ibotenic acid as possible and you will not easily become nauseous when using it.

So what are the real dangers of using this mushroom?

I will list them here:

One) Combining with alcohol. Do not do it. In Russia they do, preferably with a whole bottle of vodka, and then you run the risk of falling into a comatose state.

Two) Use too much. There is no ‘heroic dose’ and a lot of amanita muscaria is a heavy and usually not very pleasant experience. Leave that domain to the shamans who visit it for a reason.

Three) Assertiveness is something you have to be able to handle. Are you someone with too much testosterone, with anger problems, with a violent character? Then this mushroom is either not for you or you have to use it under very controlled conditions.

Four) There is a certain type of people that doesn’t notice anything of this mushroom. This has something to do with how their gaba system is configured or damaged. If you are one of these people, just leave this mushroom alone and don’t try to force it.

Five) Ibotenic acid brigade: a part of the Amanitans/Sages is a fan of Ibotenic acid and finds it an essential part of the experience. Beware, however, that too much Ibotenic acid can cause excessive sweating and Repetitive Movement Syndrome – a syndrome where you keep making the same movements like some sort of dysfunctional robot. If you eat the mushroom fresh and in reasonable amounts, the RMS kicks in, perhaps as a safeguard that you don’t eat too many mushrooms. Nature is more intelligent than you can imagine.

All in all not very dangerous if you use it in the right way?

No, but personally I would not use it as if it were some sort of psychiatric pill that would make you tolerate an acidic reality.

You get questions about effects on kidneys and liver. I am under diabetes control so they regularly measure my kidney and liver values. They have only improved in the last two years, so if amanita had such a harmful effect I would have seen it in the results.

No, as you will read in my forthcoming book, it is not a coincidence that the priests were dressed in red and white and we suddenly had to worship a sock puppet god in a dark building instead of living in nature itself.

My philosophy is that you should first learn to communicate with a beetle or a dragonfly before you start pretending that you can talk to ‘god’. Those people abuse children because they think they are powerful, and they think they are powerful because they think they represent ‘god’. If they had spent their time communicating with beetles and dragonflies, they would have learned a lot more and not been a threat to innocent children.

Sage Martinus

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