A coup d’état on the human spirit

The dutch RIVM has been committing a crime for fifty years. It is only permissible to place a substance on list 1 of prohibited substances if there is no known medical use for it. Every year, RIVM ‘scientists’ lie, for no apparent reason, that this is not the case with psychedelics such as LSD, psilocybin and amanita muscaria, which is solidly refuted by thousands of studies by renowned institutes. And because this is a lie, we can only draw one hard scientific conclusion: there is a brainwashing programme going on. Because that is the only good reason you can come up with by deduction for this coup on the human mind.

That is not ‘science’. It is something else, something dark, something evil.

There are two nice documentaries on Netflix, both dealing with these drugs. The first is Magic Medicine:


This documentary focuses on psylocybin and shows that this substance can miraculously analyse a problem. For example, the man who thought that his bad job was the cause of his depression is striking, until psilocybin showed something else that he had long forgotten.

That is exactly what Psilocybin can do: as someone in the documentary puts it, it’s like swallowing a genius therapist.

I watched the second series of episodes yesterday. I found it particularly fascinating to see footage of Albert Hoffman. At Buyukada, I still had a sheet of stamps that my Turkish friend would swear were made by Hoffman himself.

Both series do not go into the substances very deeply. And in both series you can find undertones of the old narrative, especially in the second series and how it ends, from a materialistic idea that it is just miraculous that simple matter can produce such spirituality. Such a person has actually only had his little toe in the water. The man in question is mainly someone who, at 65, became curious and went on two trips. It is actually not the kind of documentary I would like to see about these teacher plants and mushrooms – the advanced view is so much more fascinating, but hopefully I can contribute my own stone to that later this year/next.

The Netflix documentary ‘how to change your mind’:


It is, for example, downright ridiculous how we had to learn from some female deep in the Mexican mountains how a mushroom that grows everywhere can be useful. That can only happen if you destroy thousands of years of human knowledge, as the parasite did, in order to gain a monopoly on medicine. For all those wars served a purpose: the war on mushrooms, the war on herbalists, the war on psychedelics…and now we are left with the consequences.

What needs to change?

First of all, it is a false premise that the government can ban scientific research. The fallacy that there must be a medical application for a drug before it may be removed from the list – a fallacy that the authorities are already criminally indulging in – it is of course completely bizarre to say that you may not carry out scientific research into a drug and then at the same time you MAY indicate, without any research, whether it has medical applications.

That construction is totally bizarre. You can only know whether something has medical applications after thorough research. If there is the slightest suspicion that a medicine has medical applications, it should be removed from the list immediately. Plus: it is absolutely useless to ban scientific research into anything, and certainly not research that could benefit a billion people. A new law should be drafted that guarantees this independence of science. Politically manipulated science is a fraud.