Allies (2): get roomy, get shroomy.

Another poem that could fill a book: ‘A Confession’ by Czesław Miłosz, here interpreted in my caravan by Menno Wigman, who took the trouble to travel four hours to come to my party even though he was quite ill at the time. He even collapsed with his nose on the caravan floor once, and he did drink a little, but not much. I did, I was still in the middle of my alcoholic period. The reason that I am wearing sunglasses is that I didn’t have normal glasses anymore, I accidentally put them in the microwave and they melted. Menno wanted to take the melted glasses home as a souvenir.

Every time I post this video, I get pleas from Willem Thies to remove it, because in this video he is kissing my hand. I’m not a bad person, so I’ve done that up to now, but it’s the only video I have of Wigman in my caravan and it’s not my fault that Thies is dead drunk after just three beers.

When I was in Cracow last year, I stocked up on books, including a series of essays by Milosz. Reading them, I began to understand what the fuss was about: without Milosz, Gombrovicz would not have gained a foothold, because he was at odds with virtually all of ‘Polish literature’ over his provocative personality. It is also a bizarre spectacle, for example, that what Dutch literature is complaining about at the moment is itself (not even) that mediocrity: and in reality they are not complaining about mediocrity, but about the very bad.

No, mediocrity is what people like Hermans, Reve and Mulisch are. Internationally they are low on the ladder, they are mediocre writers, and that is not bad at all, after all not everyone can be a Chekhov or a Gombrovicz. But then. The layers below that. And the layers below that. They all think they stand at the top of the pyramid and that the layers below them represent ‘mediocrity’. It is an amusing spectacle, which as a farce never ends. What an addictive soap opera, I can hardly say goodbye to it. But this degenerative movement towards ever worse, this parasitic brain shrinkage, it has everything to do with removing mushrooms from the diet and since I am of good nature and have the best intentions for people, I am going to reveal in my SHHHHROOM book how you can reverse this brain shrinkage in yourself.


And part of that story does indeed revolve around allies. And everyone already knows: alcohol is a very bad ally. The worst ally imaginable, and there is a reason why the Waardstoel has been exchanged for this rotten drink. This was done on purpose and your supermarket shelves bear witness to a very wrong emphasis.

In a utopian society you treat sadists, psychopaths and racists with psychedelics.

In the society that we live in, we treat the people who don’t feel good in
the world that the above people created.

We tell them they have ‘sick brains’ because they don’t want to be in this horrible rat race. They pump children full of drugs that destroy their brains.

That tide needs to be turned, and quickly. I have, in any case, succeeded in turning the tide in myself
and my mushroom diet will help many people to recover their essence in this world. Get Roomy, Get Shroomy!

Sage Martinus

Mountains, giants and mushrooms – in this fairytale-like collection, magic whirls and swirls, yet another reality breaks through as well – the whole world turned into The Shining, and the pilgrimage to Szymborska’s grave, a simple stone in Krakow, fails at the last minute; a journey without check marks across sixteen national borders to his daughter, however, succeeds. In its combination of fairy-tale nature, historical background and eerily topical reality, this collection of poems is Benders’ best since he lost count.


You have no time to read this, but that is because you are no longer human. If something of the original person were still alive in you, the old mycelia of childhood, then you would learn a lot from this book, indeed, with its magical knowledge, it might become your most useful possession. A book about the human imagination, and how it managed to get into the iron grip of trans-dimensional cockroaches. Furthermore, there are also magical tips to substantially improve your life and your time acceleration, and M.H.H. Benders also makes light-hearted mincemeat of the entire Dutch literature, what more could you want!

If you don’t want to crawl around mars like a cyber insect under a scrubbed boot – which is on the agenda – then you’d do well to read this book.

The first collected work of Martinus Hendrikus Hogervorst-Benders comprises no fewer than 712 pages and weighs in at least 1.4 kilos in thin print. It is the most ambitious collection written in the last thirty years, and certainly one of the highlights of Dutch literature as a whole, in line with Snoek and van de Woestijne. Anyone with a heart for literature and who wants to read an ambitious book brimming with cast-iron poems instead of yet another typical Dutch-language ‘masterpiece’ will be delighted with the purchase of this brick.

The Microdose Bible is the worlds most comprehensive and complete oversight of mind altering substances, teacher plants and mushrooms. Dutch mycologist and philosopher M.H.H.Benders takes you on a magical journey full of wonder about what teachers nature has to offer. Includes the Psychosupersum, a guide that describes all known mental disorders and offers wisdom for their treatment. 

This book will be published end of 2022.