Can you prove you are not standing with one arm in the air?

You waited to see which way the cat would jump and in the meantime you let yourself be injected with an experimental substance, because otherwise you would not be allowed to go on holiday. The fact that having yourself injected with an experimental substance does not rhyme with waiting to see which way the cat jumps, was something you took for granted in this case. Oh well, they will know what they are doing, won’t they? Who these ‘they’ are didn’t interest you too much either. They, you know. And then the West Block allows you to go on holiday again. Read along:

prove you are not ill even if there is no epidemic

Good. What did you call people who ‘believe’ in the above? Well, I don’t agree with the idea that I should have to prove that I’m not sick, I don’t believe the government has the right to demand it, I don’t believe it’s effective, I don’t believe the government has the right to decide where you can travel to. Funny how I don’t believe that? Nor do I believe that the government has the right to determine which newspapers or information I may read. What a bizarre person I am. Seems like someone from another era. I don’t even believe that the government should decide what subjects writers should write about with punishment and reward!

No, I don’t believe you can contain a cold with measures either. If you do believe that, you can play the expert on television 24/7, but you will have to do it without my regard.

The same goes for people who believe that the war in Ukraine, after being announced for six months, has nothing to do with the collapse of the corona narrative.

So in the meantime we have to carry an Ausweiss that proves we are not ill even if that disease is nowhere to be found. Just because it is easy. Do you know what is also easy? Putting your arm up into the air.. Or is that just not scientific enough?

Mountains, giants and mushrooms – in this fairytale-like collection, magic whirls and swirls, yet another reality breaks through as well – the whole world turned into The Shining, and the pilgrimage to Szymborska’s grave, a simple stone in Krakow, fails at the last minute; a journey without check marks across sixteen national borders to his daughter, however, succeeds. In its combination of fairy-tale nature, historical background and eerily topical reality, this collection of poems is Benders’ best since he lost count.


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If you don’t want to crawl around mars like a cyber insect under a scrubbed boot – which is on the agenda – then you’d do well to read this book.

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This book will be published end of 2022.