‘It’s not about you’

Wherein Martina Benders replies to a lamewoke accusation with a superwoke antiphon:

The most typical reaction to my piece yesterday came from Duchessa Sangiovanna: ‘It’s not about you’, she commented as a cut and paste on my article, which probably went unread. It’s not about you, more an outcry than an observation. What is that all about? Let’s analyse that for a moment.

Of course it is about me. I am approached here as a hermaphroditic toltec Indian by a white prejudiced man who once again knows how to occupy the news with his own identity, as if there are no more interesting things in this world than the title with which he wishes to be approached.

My time is occupied with nonsense, but that ‘is not about me’? Of course it is about me.

But what is so compelling about this psyborg reality in which everyone is supposedly free to choose their identity is that it is completely false. If Marijn Rijneveld is free to identify with a predator-aggressor, it is because she has that privilege – oh how cute, she wants to be a man. If you then treat her as a man, they will jump at the chance to protect the holy girl. In their real image of Marijn Rijneveld, she is still a girl. They only pretend that she is a man, a kind of childishly staged digital reality.

As a man, it is different. If I walk into a women’s shower claiming that my identity is female and I therefore have the right to shower there, I get a bar of soap thrown at my head. And that is ethically no different from Marijn Rijneveld suddenly stumbling into the men’s toilets.

If I claim that from now on I want to be approached like a hermaphroditic Toltec Bruja, that’s not news. And apparently I am not even allowed to respond to that other fake news which says that I am obliged to address a white man in a certain way. A white man who imitates a white Christian paedophile (Reve) and is popular with old geezers by means of such hackneyed art. 

That is all very well, but if you then claim that this Bruja is not allowed to say anything about it, you have understood little of wonders of the psyborg dimension.

Martina B.


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