Psyborgs cancel the dictator

Psyborgs cancel the dictator

In the old world, if you had to deal with a powerful dictator, you had to watch your step. You’d hire some people (diplomats) who were respectful, people who could get the other side to see reason, and from the perspective of such a dictator, it seemed then that at least the enemy had respect for him.

In the Psyborg world that has changed. There, you just go ahead and cancel such a dictator, as if it were a Facebook idiot you’re removing from your field of vision. Talk to the hand, baby! With all the risk that implies, but I don’t think those psyborgs are capable of perceiving reality at all. They live entirely in their self-created world of ideals.

And there he is now, the cancelled dictator with his 7000 nuclear missiles, some of which are even Mach 10. ‘He’s only threatening’ you hear several sources state. I wouldn’t be too sure about that. A cornered cat jumps the gun, and Putin gives the impression of having been pretty much scorned by the West. That’s what you get with all those Psyborgs who have never heard of real diplomacy. For them, the body simply does not exist anymore, only ideas and concepts.

I am writing this a hundred kilometres from the Ukrainian border. I am spending the last part of my journey in the Bükk Mountains – my last pilgrimage for the time being will take place there, to Lillafüred which played a role in the life of Attila József as well as in that of Ferenc Juhász. Meanwhile, I am working on my book on the Amanita Muscaria, writing some 70 pages on the history of the mushroom without elaborating on soma, vikings or druids.

I am convinced that it is one of the most important books in human history. I am now working on the second part which deals with how to integrate mushrooms back into your diet, including activation routines.

Never before have I been so ‘sober’ as I have been the last few years of my life. Since my early teens, alcohol, cannabis and nicotine were the norm. I’ve managed to work all those out, and now I’m working on throwing out the hard drugs cheese and bread. My life changed when I began to realise that every substance is essentially a ‘drug’ and that seratonin is a tryptamine, a trip drug. That means that this so-called ‘sobriety’ is in fact a trip, and that if you drink or smoke, for example, you do so because the trip is not pleasant and you want to numb it. Take away the alcohol or the cigarette and you remain with that unpleasant trip. So you don’t remove the cause of the drinking or smoking.

You do, however, as soon as you add other types of tryptamine to the mix, so that the shortened serotonin is no longer the only one in charge. That’s what you call activation of receptor networks and by doing this intelligently you make your own reality/trip an exciting one and there is no longer any need for anaesthetics.

That, in a nutshell, is the essence of my philosophy. It works for me anyway – I gave up smoking two years ago with the help of the San Pedro cactus, and I owe a lot of new perspectives I got to that cactus.

Take away the need for anaesthetics. And I would recommend the same to the world – take away the need for war, stop this insane tick-tock world. Just make Russia a member of NATO, and there is no more trouble. Tick green!

By their shhhroom shall ye know them

M.H.H. Benders is a most recognised poet of his generation, a student of the universal mycelia,  Amanita Sage and mycophilosopher. He wrote sixteen books, the last ones at the Kaneelfabriek (Cinnamon Factory). He is currently working on ‘SHHHHHHROOM a book on mushrooms and the Microdose Bible, which is an activation plan to restore your true identity coming next year. Keep in touch!

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