Recapitulation as a technique

One of the interesting basic techniques that a Toltec warrior has in his arsenal is to recapitulate your entire life, to feed a copy of yourself to ‘The Eagl

In Castaneda’s books, the technique is described quite simply and extremely as someone who buries himself alive and from that darkness has to recapitulate his entire life from moment to moment.

That is a possibility that might indeed be used by warriors who want to quickly and effectively leave this planet behind to jump to another dimension – on the other hand, you might also see in it a kind of toxic macho behaviour, in which extremity prevails over sensitivity. I have no judgment about it; if you want to bury yourself and make the ultimate summary, do it that way.

I myself prefer to practise a moderate version of this technique, by mapping out my life better bit by bit. There is something I call ‘mapping the original impulse’. The crux of this mapping is the question: Why? In my case, for example: Why did you start writing poetry?

Now you must understand that the psyborg that is installed in everyone by society/school uses something I call ‘the story ego’, which is a kind of ego that creates your life story and therefore your memories. Essentially this is an extension of the parasite: you do not remember your real life, but a false copy that the psyborg has stored as a series of summaries.

As long as your life is a false copy, you will be feeding your own lack of freedom

So the key is to re-map your whole life, bit by bit. You will then probably discover that you are not a victim at all, that every event in your life was consciously created by yourself. My own recapitulation of the original impulse to write poetry is a good example.

I initially went through life with the idea that I started writing poems because of a girl in my class. I had written a poem for that girl, who didn’t understand a jot of it, and that lack of understanding motivated me to want to do better.

Initially, that was my story. Later, while recapitulating, I noticed that the impulse was much more multifaceted. Wait a minute, but what about Carlos Castaneda’s books, which I devoured like water during my adolescence and in which Don Juan displayed such enormous respect for the power of poetry? Hold on, but what about Annie MG Schmidt, your favourite book during childhood, Het fluitketeltje? Wait a minute, what about KRS one/BDP, did you not play that song ‘Poetry’ on your 14th birthday?

‘the beat may drop but not like all the others’

A peculiar mixture of impulses, but what matters here is the falsity of the story manufactured by the narrative ego. No, I was not the victim of some girl in my class. I got impulses from other warriors: Annie, KRS-One and Don Juan.

Yvon was just the last part of it. The summary didn’t make any sense, and yet that was ‘my life story’.

That’s why I had to adapt my website again. KRS-One is the teacher, the real teacher between all those false teachers, bad teachers. A warrior of stature this man, who knew how to earn my respect and whom I have been following since my fourteenth birthday. His energy is impeccable, and that is so because by being impeccable he managed to gain personal power. What system he followed to get there is of little consequence, to me anyway – he will have to chart his own course into details.

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