The bony-terrestials: the skeleton of your nose

The bony-terrestials. That is my new terms for what is called respectively ‘the predator’ but what does not resemble a lion or panther at all, ‘reptiles’ no it does not resemble that either, parasites yes that comes closer, but is also a half-hearted description, but blunt they are in any case, and not of the real world. Talking skeletons, as I am going to make five skeletons talk in my forthcoming poetry collection.

The skeleton of Gogol.
The skeleton of Dylan Thomas.
The skeleton of Slauerhoff.
The skeleton of Ingrid Jonker.
The skeleton of Prince.

The collection is called ‘Poems to read in the dark’. What do these ex-humans have in common? Five skeletons will testify about a certain phenomenon.


But first let’s talk about another skeleton here, to start with Gogolian: the skeleton of your nose.

Those who know my Psyborg test know that it contains a question about the frequency with which your nose sends you signals. In other words: how often do you smell something?

Is it 10 times a day?

My next question to you is: what would you think of your eyes if they sent you 10 images a day?

Correct. You would say that your eyes are broken, that they don’t work properly any more.

How often should your nose give signals?

How often does your nose have to give a smell signal to work normally? How often do you think?

The answer is very simple: every time you breathe in. Your nose needs to pass on a relentless stream of smells just as your eyes give a continuous stream of images. Then your nose works. Only then can you train the nose. Something that does not work cannot be trained.

So the first skeleton is your nose. There you are dead. And that is not okay. The nose is one of the most important senses that earthlings have.

Who benefits from billions of creatures walking around with a broken nose? Something that has to sell filth as food. Do you think it is a coincidence that, as more and more people stop smoking and this parasite finally begins to die, a virus has emerged that attempts to sabotage the human smell? Of course not. Fabricated. And so you should have had a method of keeping this stuff out a long time ago.

Get to work!

You do this mainly by learning that you and your resistance are exactly the same entity. You ARE your resistance. You detect those viruses and take action immediately. Not passively waiting for an external/internal resistance to intervene, no. Detection, action.

What action? Veer and I have successfully fought this black magic virus with Malrove, White Whorehound, Amanita Muscaria, Stinking Gourd. If you intervene too late and have already lost part of your scent, it is possible to regain it with these remedies. That has happened to a number

Now is the time: fix that nose. Because once that nose is working again, you can finally start training it, so that you no longer have to grope like a blind man through the bony world, but the real world will come alive again. Ten scent signals a day? Good heavens, my friend. Get to work!

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