The collective story-ego and its fuel, fear

Lots of fears adressed past year. Confronted snakes, scorpions, lots and lots of ticks (that one does scare me), walked on high narrow mountain paths, drove through snowy roads in snowy bulgarian mountains, had to pass twenty borders without vaccination or codes, was refused by hotels (fuck slovenia) and ah that drive in the dark in the mountains of albania…unrooted a mandrake..and now the parasite wants to recreate a fear from my youth about nuclear war.

And look here: the EU immediately uses the Ukrain war as an excuse to keep spraying dangerous toxins
into nature:

Biodiversity can wait! It is impossible to argue with these cretins. In fact, lately I have been pondering that all these events mainly seem to be giant lab tests to test how effective their brainwash-programs are. That’s what really interests them – control. That’s why we see the military in the Netherlands are mapping dissident opinions, something one would expect only in North Korea.

I already knew something was seriously wrong when people after 911 had no interest whatsoever nor any explanation for what happened with building 7. An enormous hole in the official narrative, and yet no one cared. No one cared! No writer as of today has even mentioned it, people who self-identify as ‘intellectuals’ happily accepted that a steel building can collapse explosion-style from some flying debris.

So they already have their answer: the brainwash show works almost perfectly. All those investments into brain-destroying foods and drugs, it has created the perfect puppet society for endless control. And its really scary how local these brainwash programs are: when I was in Turkey almost no one believed in that western narrative, like 99% of all people did not believe the story.

Don’t believe stories. All of them are false.  The very ink with which history is written is merely fluid prejudice. – Mark Twain

The concept of the Story-Ego I wrote about yesterday, an internal device that falsifies your life – could it also be operating as a sort of collective story-ego? All these individual story-ego’s interconnect and form one giant Story-Ego that falsifies history. And there lies the ultimate trap: instead of deconstructing your own story ego, you will try to deconstruct the collective story-ego, which is of course impossible.

Hence we see millions and millions of people constantly trying to ‘influence the collective story’ and wasting all their energy on it, energy that is very welcome to the people that profit from this machine.

‘I have no active recollection of these events’ – these words of Mark Rutte are grifted into his forehead now, but they are the words of the parasite machine itself unto its challengers: it does not remember you. Who are you? You wasted your whole life…doing what?

Unplug yourself. Unplug all the false stories in your head. You do not need to believe any stories. If you have to, something is already seriously wrong. I recommend to unplug, focus on the breath technique en the Goethian Hieat to generate high-level energy the parasite cannot reach. It’s the only way to dismantle this giant fear-farm, do not feed the farm itself.

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