To my dear readers – two poems

To my dear readers – two poems

2023 will be the year I will translate most of my work into English.
I will make it all available for free, so if you like my poetry, be sure to
check back because I will post a poem every day from my collection ‘Traktaat of the Sun’.
Today two poems, both from my first book, Karavanserai:


The dead never fully departed from us.
When we slumber, they slip
into old habits. They count hoarded coin
under the bed, comb their lacquered  hair
straight or discard rubbish bags. Everything with

unshakeable routine. We, who are but their
faint memories, lie supine in bed,
ablaze with dreamy fires in our heads
that transport them back home.

When their shadowy thoughts,
which are slight but spare nothing,
falter for a moment with doubt,

they extend their frayed hands
into our dreams
to warm themselves, perchance,
or somehow still cling to belief,

to extinguish this only light they know
until all is dark and sleep presents itself
with open curtains.

Martijn Benders, from: Karavanserai, Nieuw Amsterdam Publishers, 2008


Eternity has many rivals.
The holidays, for instance.

The primary conduit
for eternity is love.

between heaven and hell,
people book each other
unceasingly, but

luckily, boredom offers
a foothold and reveals its
principal shareholder: the sea,

with its splintered bars
like a bar code,

that resists our
hostile takeover.

Martijn Benders, from: Karavanserai, Nieuw Amsterdam Publishers, 2008

By their shhhroom shall ye know them

M.H.H. Benders is a most recognised poet of his generation, a student of the universal mycelia,  Amanita Sage and mycotherapist. He wrote seventeen books, the last ones at the Kaneelfabriek.

He is currently working on the second volume of the SHHHHHHROOM series of books about mushrooms and the Microdose Bible, which is an activation plan to restore your true identity coming next year. Keep in touch!

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