Why the reptilian narrative is useless.

Since I am awake so early then, let me write a bit about Gnostic and Toltec perspectives and why they are not to be confused with a paranoid worldview.

To give the core argument right away: in the Toltec worldview, the ‘reptile’ is never ‘the other’ and the same goes for the Gnostic worldview. So you cannot argue that certain people would be reptiles and you would not. In the Toltec worldview, David Icke and Thierry Baudet are equally reptiles, as well as every other being on this planet. What those ancient Mexican seers meant by ‘something reptilian that managed to penetrate our dimension’ affects everyone, just as a Demiurge would affect everyone because he created this reality. So deliciously woke – a piece of true inclusiveness.

So those who peddle around that certain people are reptiles to be fought are indeed using a dangerous narrative. It is not a narrative that belongs to the philosophy of the gnostics or the aztecs/toltecs. In these belief systems, you have to free yourself from the parasitic powers, an almost god-impossible task because what I call ‘the psyborg’, a psychological brain configuration is universal and you have a kind of co-dependent relationship with it that you will have to make do with for the time being. Getting rid of it completely – if it’s possible then it’s a titanic task.

No, surely this is all that inverted pyramid again – a jilted sportscaster, a simple enemy image – and then what complicates it even more is that there is indeed some kind of enemy that has humanity in its pincers, but because it is non-organic in origin, it is utterly amorphous – it adopts certain identities, but abandons them just as easily. This is precisely why it is so difficult to fight – they pretend to be Christians, or Nazis, or communists, or any other pernicious ideology. Anyone who can perceive the energetic universe, however, sees that these people are controlled by shadow-like entities that the Toltecs call ‘flyers’.

And see – you are already again dangerously close to a paranoid worldview.

Partly for this reason, the path of the Gnostic or Toltec warrior is quite complicated. One of the most important realisations is that you no longer take things personally,. precisely because you realise that people are driven by inorganic beings.

That people who only believe in these 4 dimensions and called the rest ‘hallucination’ don’t want this worldview is just perfectly logical. It won’t make your life easier if there are many more dimensions and they can also play a predatory role. You then get a kind of trans-dimensional Men in Black, my goodness, how complicated.

So all in all, I am not a fan of the reptile theory. That is exactly why I came up with the term psyborg, which covers the scope of what you are dealing with much better. A creature that keeps going into the hive mind to check if something is true. Is that true? Just googling. Well, if you outsource your truth-finding to Big Tech, you obviously don’t just play with fire. This reptile goes back to writing his new reptilian poetry collection.


Mountains, giants and mushrooms – in this fairytale-like collection, magic whirls and swirls, yet another reality breaks through as well – the whole world turned into The Shining, and the pilgrimage to Szymborska’s grave, a simple stone in Krakow, fails at the last minute; a journey without check marks across sixteen national borders to his daughter, however, succeeds. In its combination of fairy-tale nature, historical background and eerily topical reality, this collection of poems is Benders’ best since he lost count.


You have no time to read this, but that is because you are no longer human. If something of the original person were still alive in you, the old mycelia of childhood, then you would learn a lot from this book, indeed, with its magical knowledge, it might become your most useful possession. A book about the human imagination, and how it managed to get into the iron grip of trans-dimensional cockroaches. Furthermore, there are also magical tips to substantially improve your life and your time acceleration, and M.H.H. Benders also makes light-hearted mincemeat of the entire Dutch literature, what more could you want!

If you don’t want to crawl around mars like a cyber insect under a scrubbed boot – which is on the agenda – then you’d do well to read this book.

The first collected work of Martinus Hendrikus Hogervorst-Benders comprises no fewer than 712 pages and weighs in at least 1.4 kilos in thin print. It is the most ambitious collection written in the last thirty years, and certainly one of the highlights of Dutch literature as a whole, in line with Snoek and van de Woestijne. Anyone with a heart for literature and who wants to read an ambitious book brimming with cast-iron poems instead of yet another typical Dutch-language ‘masterpiece’ will be delighted with the purchase of this brick.

The Microdose Bible is the worlds most comprehensive and complete oversight of mind altering substances, teacher plants and mushrooms. Dutch mycologist and philosopher M.H.H.Benders takes you on a magical journey full of wonder about what teachers nature has to offer. Includes the Psychosupersum, a guide that describes all known mental disorders and offers wisdom for their treatment. 

This book will be published end of 2022.