Tensegrity omen, OA and Kuha Yoga

Yesterday I saw an actual copy of myself in real life sitting on a cafe terrace reading a book called ‘The Human Psyche’ that was completely filled with figurines of people doing Tensegrity-like movements.

That’s a rather bizarre sort of omen. I’m well versed in omens, versed enough to not attach great importance to them, but this one drew my attention.

I’ve been building up the tensegrity series named ‘setting up intent’ by slowly adding movements. The actual benefits of this practice are countless, sometimes in a subtle sense, sometimes in a magikal sense, or directly through dreaming.

these trekkies are such good tonals

I think it takes about a year to complete the series in this tempo, but that’s a very good time. Good movements for a good time. Whomever is interested in the theory behind the movements Castaneda’s Magical Passes gives a flawless argument.

In popular culture the Netflix serie the OA is based on a very skewed variant of the Toltek-system. They got the warrior movements to open dimensions part right, though, and its an amusing watch.

I live life like a monk, I get up at 05.00 before sunrise. Often at about 10.00 am I already have performed an entire workday, about the time people woke up and type their first line of facebook. I created this great series of techniques that I call the Sage system, and combines techniques from several disciplines into something I consider extremely effective, including a form of Yoga I invented called Kuha yoga.