After a lifetime of experiments Martinus Hogervorst-Benders discovered a training system for the mind that is completely unique and can solve depression, fear and other psychic diseases.

The system uses microdosing, but in moderation and not as a ‘a pill every day’ replacement for the psychiatric model of reality. As psychedelic teacher plants take a toll on the serotonine receptors, using small doses of LSD or Psilocybin every day can exhaust the entire system and its not what these substances are designed for.

In my Sage system microdosing is just a small part, that does not exhaust your receptor system. It is the only system that works this way, and also requires participants to do a number of special exercizes that, if one manages to keep up with the program for a year, will significantly improve your well-being, your life energy and your power to be the director of your own reality.

I also treat addicts. Are you an alcoholic or addicted to marihuana, kratom, benzos or Phenibut, I can give you the training to overcome this addiction if you are serious about it.

I work worldwide, through a special digital chat system, and give you the right exercizes, instructions materials and evaluations.

The first consult is free of any charge. Click the whatsapp symbol to connect. I might not always be available, but will come back at you if my time’s freed.