Microdosing nobel gases?

Microdosing nobel gases?

M.H.H.Benders is author of the upcoming Microdose Bible and Sage active in Amanita Muscaria ceremonies, as well as a revered poet, paganist and philosopher. He wrote sixteen books that have all evoked high praise in literary circles.

Wim Hof is the most famous Dutchman of all time. With a hundred million followers, a Hollywood film about him in the making and a whole series of BBC documentaries, there has probably never been a more famous Dutchman.

But he does not have the Dutch media to thank for that. They only ridiculed him, and even now they hardly mention him. Why?

A while back, I saw in the news that the parent company of the Dutch media had been bought by a certain person, and when I investigated this person, it turned out that he was an intermediary of…Big Pharma.

There you have the answer. The Dutch media are simply in the hands of (predominantly) Chinese medical companies. That’s the real reason they don’t want to pay attention to Wim, they ridicule and mock him. Just commercial and political interest. Meanwhile, our media are thus indirectly controlled by Chinese interests.

A while back I wrote an article about oxygen that is going to be the basis for my activation method of the Microdose Bible..:


Oxygen, the most important drug on this planet. You, reader, consist of about 65% oxygen, most of it in the form of water. For yes, even water is actually oxygen that binds to an extra element, aptly named ‘hydrogen’. Atomic number 8 binds with a double atomic number 1, and you have water.

Eight, a double 1, a wonderful symbol for eternity.

Oxygen – discovered by, yes, a poet: Joseph Priestley, who, in addition to many books of poetry, was also a chemist and a scientist. He originally called the substance dephlogisticated air .


Why is it called ‘oxygen’? Well, because in the 18th century, people thought that oxygen played a major role in the formation of acids, and that turned out to be a misconception. But the word is in French and New Latin based on the Greek oxy, meaning ‘sharp, biting’, symbolising a very pungent substance.

In fact, it is a pity, nay, almost monstrous that for something so important, for something so basic, we have to maintain for all eternity a negative name based on a false idea from the 18th century.  Let us look at the primary role of oxygen in the body.

Dancing element

Although it is true that oxygen has a certain pungent property, it owes this power of penetration mainly to its ability to react very quickly, to a willingness to engage with any element. A kind of openness, a kind of dancing element in fact – and that seems only sour for men in wigs who have to behave themselves for life in a corset of strange monkey habits.

The lungs

Botticelli is without doubt my favourite painter of all time. Did you know that there are over 500 identified plant species depicted in Prima Vera alone? Five hundred! There are no words to describe the kind of ‘layering’ that this magician put into his paintings, but I am not surprised that it is Boticelli who appears in the first chapter of Huxley’s ‘The Doors of Perception’ when it comes to the subject of art and mescaline. The drug that is all about gradients and layers, and so the two combine perfectly.

What struck me when I looked at Prima Vera is that behind Venus there are a couple of lungs depicted in the forest. As this is quite obvious, I was pleased to see that I am not the first to perceive this, Benjamin Blech wrote about it in the 1930s, but what interests me is the combination with the hand gestures that Venus makes here: the painting is the almost perfect middle world and the stars above, the fruit and the stars below mirror each other while Venus delivers the message: so above, so below, with a pair of lungs created by a forest as her wings. Wow, I mean really, wow!

Seize the day

It’s all about plucking, you pluck it and you give it back to the earth. There is a strange blue angel in the painting, what is it doing there? That’s Zephyr, the god of the western winds, chasing after Chloris, the goddess of … flowers! So the sowing process pervades the painting, making it the perfect life cycle, centred around a pair of lungs, it is a perfect manifestation, but even this perfection is only a small layer, sit in front of the painting and you can spend hours marvelling at the incredible details. And from Chloris mouth springs its own cycle of plants. Can there be a more beautiful work about our lungs, which are the brains of…the forest?

The mid-brain

You could divide man into three essential zones: brain, lungs, intestines. Three types of brains, whereby the lungs form the middle and also the only brain with direct input, and that input is of course oxygen.

Philosophical intermezzo:

The second mycelium, the spore kingdom and noble gases

Thesis: The human body basically has 3 mycelia and 1 super-mycelium. As far as the latter is concerned, I am of course talking about the nervous system itself. From that supreme mycelium, 3 submycelia arise:

  • the brain: a mycelial network in which basally 3 nodes were formed: the talking node, the thinking node and the visual cortex node.
  • the lungs: a nourishing mycelial network that carries oxygen, noble gases and spores into the body through a network of fine canals
  • the intestines: a mycelial network full of bacteria and receptors.

The middle mycelical network, the lungs, is more important than people think: it provides not only oxygen, but also serotonin because noble gases are always present in the air, which in itself can get you very high (see e.g. the episode in which Hamilton inhales Xeon gas) – these gases are only present in very small quantities in the air, but with breathing techniques you can easily increase their impact 5-10 times. So the fact that people experience getting high from breathing doesn’t necessarily have to do with oxygen alone.

The spores kingdom

Then there is another precarious point: the air we breathe is literally bursting…. with spores! And these are all mushroom spores that end up in your blood, and nobody knows what substances they contain, what effects they have – the science here is completely in its infancy. Every breath you take is full of mushrooms and fungi!

So separating yourself from nature is really only a fantasy. Nevertheless, it is precisely this delusion that makes man, that he is a kind of separated unit that can only influence himself. In reality, however, the body constantly communicates with the world around us, and we are simply warehouses full of intelligent fungi, bacteria and spores, with a mycelium that has developed nodes that have declared themselves autonomous beings.

Microdosing of Noble Gases


So it is exactly for this reason that I made breathing techniques the basis of my protocol: noble gases do have an influence, and by implementing deep breathing techniques you automatically start microdosing noble gases like Xeon and Krypton and Argon, which have an ecstatic influence on your system. As a normal breathing person you get 1 micron of Xeon per minute, through deep breathing this can increase to a multiple of that, with all its consequences.

This table shows the chemical composition of air. Normally, air contains water vapour, which is about 1% of the volume of the total mixture. The concentrations shown in the table remain constant or vary very slowly. The following substances are variable in their concentration:

Chemical compisition of common air

Substance % of the volume of dry air
Nitrogen (N2) 78.09%
Oxygen (O2) 20.94%
Argon (Ar) 0.93%
Carbondioxide (CO2) 0.03%
Neon (Ne) 0.0018%
Helium (He) 0.00052%
Methan (CH4) 0.00022%
Krypton (Kr) 0.00010%
Nitrousoxide (N2O) 0.00010%
Hydrogen(H2) 0.00005%
Xenon (Xe) 0.00008%


Recent scientific research has shown that whereas helium was long thought to be inactive because it has no anastetic effect after inhalation, it was discovered that helium does play a role in the human body by protecting cells in brain tissue and in the heart against oxidative stress.

In other words: by breathing better and deeper you take in more helium, which in turn protects your own cells better against stress.


This could also be true for other organs, but no research has been done into this. No research has been done! Think about how insane that is, that we don’t know this and that we are not doing any research on it, but we are doing a million studies on how to make the most addictive sugars.


As far as I could tell, there has been no research into the effects of neon on the human body. It’s in the air, so you inhale it constantly, but what effect it has, science has no clue about.

I do notice that when you breathe deeply you often start to see neon colours in your brain, which I myself link to the idea of a DMT network that you can activate with the breath, but maybe you activate that network…by literally breathing in more neon!


Krypton is a narcotic, and thus has intoxicating properties.

The spore kingdom

On average 6000 Mushroom and fungus spores per square meter of air. Per day you breathe in 17 cubic metres of air. That means that through your breath alone you inhale 102,000 spores per day, of thousands of different mushrooms with thousands of different substances in them.

These 102,000 spores together weigh 4 grams, so every day you inhale 4 grams of spores, which is 1.5 kilos per year.

Do these spores contain hallucinogenic substances?

What does the oxygen do?

Exactly the opposite of what the name suggests: oxygen deacidifies the body. This means that the longer you don’t breathe, the more acidic your body becomes; you breathe oxygen into the blood, which binds with the blood to all kinds of substances and ensures that they can be burned, and your lungs breathe the acidic carbon out again.


The flexible ability to bind to substances is what oxygen is known for. The amount of oxygen present therefore also determines how effectively you will experience other substances. A lot of obesity occurs because the body starts to retain water as the cells try to protect themselves from acidification. Correct and deep breathing through, for example, our breathing techniques, will contribute to recovery.

Did you know?

A large part of the burned fat leaves your body via the lungs as exhaled CO2? It is true. Fat burning takes place via oxygen, in exchange for co2. So breathing properly is also the basis for a good metabolism.

For I am perfect, being Not; and my number is nine by the fools; but with the just I am eight, and one in eight: Which is vital, for I am none indeed.

Our daily activation ritual consists of 2 breathing exercises, a cold shower and a sun salutation. Total duration about 30 minutes.

In the evening you just repeat the sun salutation and 20 minutes of alternate breathing.


1. Start with the Wim Hof breathing.

2. At the end of the video switch off the device and start with the alternate breathing.

For the beginner:

Nadi Shodhana

Cover your right nostril with your thumb and inhale fully through your left nostril. Then exhale through the right nostril while closing the left one with your thumb. Inhale for about 6 seconds, hold for 1 second, exhale for 6 seconds, hold for 1 second. While exhaling, make sure that you squeeze the last bit of air out of your lungs. This is important because that last bit of air contains many toxins that you want to get out of your body.

After 14 times you change nostrils, and you do this 4 times.

In total you have now breathed in and out 4*14 = 56 times. Repeat as long as you like.

The cold shower

Now go to the shower, thank the water, ask the water to heal you. Then turn on the hot shower and enjoy the water for a while, and then after a while suddenly turn on the cold tap all the way. Let your lungs scream, utter that primal scream like a caveman, and slowly go over your whole body with the shower head until you have activated every bit of cold, then go back to your head, your crown, your neck, until you have been under the ice-cold water for about 40 seconds to a minute.

The solar greeting

Now go naked into your garden without drying off. If you live in a slum, you can put on some shorts. Stand towards the sun, and thank the sun extensively for giving you the opportunity to live here, in this special place, with these special people, thank you sun thank you thank you thank you!

Why this combination of methods?

With this method, we first activate the vagus nerve which they also call the kundalini in the East, then we cleanse the blood with a lot of oxygen and cleanse the subtle nadi channels, and then we draw that purified blood all the way to the skin through the cold water.

Result: a very well-fed body that is less acidified and polluted through cleansed blood. More energy, better defences.

Sounds good. How long do I have to do it?

Practise it for at least 6 weeks to see if it really has a result for you, and if that result is special enough for you to spend this hour a day on this ritual. That is a choice you can make after 6 weeks, not before.

But you will see that this is one of the most wonderful and immaculate ways to cleanse and nurture your energy body. In fact, I would call it the golden grail of health – which is exactly why I want to make it the core of a really good microdose programme, which comes next. The body and its defences as healthy as possible, the energy system in order, and then using the special plants and mushrooms that nature has to offer for total activation.

During the exercises

During the exercises, you may notice a number of things. I will mention a few here, just as a source of inspiration:

1. Sometimes during the first exercise you may smell a whiff of cannabis. This is because breath and resistance are linked to the cannaboid system of pain relief. Can you get stoned with these methods? Yes, and you don’t need cannabis to do it.

2. But there is also another layer that is sometimes activated, the DMT layer I call it, which you can recognise by very neon-like figures and colours that suddenly enter your mind and sometimes geometrical patterns and more.

Why combine these four techniques?

With the Wim Hof breathing you wake up the immune system. This raises the alarm due to lack of oxygen, after which the resistance in the body actively starts looking for intruders. It is also a way, as a Samurai or Toltec warrior or Buddhist, to integrate death into your life in the most literal way possible. By inviting death and making it part of your life, you will have a fuller and more beautiful life, with a more active immune system.

With the Nadi Shodhana you then feed the whole body with oxygen and noble gases and cleanse it of waste products. This part is very important because it is about real nutrition. Many people eat and eat because they are not breathing properly. Do this properly and you will see that your need for other foods will be substantially reduced.

With the cold shower or cold swimming you activate the resistance again, and you draw all that oxygen to the skin. Wow, look how good and awake you feel now!

Then it’s time for a very important thing in the life of a warrior: gratitude. You got all this wonderful oxygen for nothing, so it’s time to express your sincere thanks to the Universe, and we do that in this case by turning to the source of our light, the Sun.


Over mij

Martijn Benders publiceerde zesentwintig boeken, waarvan achttien in het Nederlands. Door critici als Komrij en Gerbrandy is hij tot een van de grootste talenten van zijn tijd benoemd. Hij schreef ook drie filosofische werken waarvan eentje in het Engels over de Amanita Muscaria, de Vliegenzwam. Publicerend op het internationale podium van The Philosophical Salon kreeg hij ook internationaal erkenning als een van de meest bijzondere denkers van Nederland.


Er bestaat een aanzienlijke groep linkse individuen die zich krachtig verzette tegen het heersende corona-verhaal, waaronder enkele van ‘s werelds vooraanstaande filosofen, zoals Agamben en Kacem. Dit standpunt werd echter sterk gecensureerd en in een kwaad daglicht gesteld door wat men ‘neocon-links’ of ‘woke-links’ noemt, als behorende tot iets dat enkel geassocieerd zou worden met wat zij als ‘extreemrechts’ beschouwen. In mijn boek bespreek ik de redenen achter deze acties, de onderliggende motieven, en hoe dit kenmerkend is voor een nieuwe vorm van fascisme die erop uit is om de macht permanent te grijpen.

Het middenstuk van het boek wijdt zich aan poëzie. Het bevat een prachtige selectie van gedichten uit het Middellandse Zeegebied, van dichters uit Turkije en Griekenland, die gevangen zijn genomen en gemarteld door het regime.

Het laatste deel van mijn boek is een manifest tegen het literaire nihilisme, zoals dat tot uiting komt in het Letterenfonds. Het onthult hoe dit fonds gedomineerd wordt door een groep christenen en ‘wokies’, wat onwenselijk is in een vrije samenleving.

“Amanita Muscaria – The Book of the Empress” is an exceptional work that establishes a benchmark in the realm of mycophilosophy. While one could perhaps categorize the book within the domain of Art History, such a classification would fail to do justice to its true essence. Primarily, this captivating text explores the evolution of humankind, making it a standout in its field.

Amanita Muscaria – The Book of the Empress – De Kaneelfabriek, 2023

Jij hebt geen tijd dit te lezen, maar dat is omdat je allang geen mens meer bent. Leefde er wel nog iets van de originele persoon in jou, de
oude mycelia van de kindertijd, dan zou je van dit boek heel wat opsteken, sterker nog zal het misschien met zijn magische kennis je meest nuttige bezit worden. Een boek over de menselijke fantasie, en
hoe deze in de ijzeren greep wist te raken van transdimensionale kakkerlakken. Voorts ook nog magische tips om je leven en je tijdsversnelling substantieel te verbeteren, en ook maakt M.H.H.Benders nog even luchtig gehakt van de hele Nederlandse literatuur, wat wil je nog meer!