Mijn ogen zien jou

Mijn ogen zien jou

The wooden puppet Rutte at the helm of WWIII. While Russia just added 1 million North Korean soldiers to its arsenal, and Turkey announced its preference to join the BRICS rather than participate in WWIII, a project undoubtedly orchestrated by the same brilliant minds who invented the coronavirus era. No, not a ‘conspiracy theory’, you can simply look up that the Kochs and the Rumsfelds invested heavily in Big Pharma after the Iraq war, because such people know there is a lot of money to be made.

What the CIA analyst says in the video: these people are drugged, intoxicated. There is no other explanation for their insane behavior. They can barely string together two lines with their ‘concentration disorder’ but they are still in the driver’s seat. And if you take some pills, it’s all quite bearable.

They believe in magic, for who would think that Ukraine can afford to lose an endless amount of soldiers and that Putin will just give up, oh, should you call that magic, it’s more like a sort of Disney world in which these people live. The superhero culture, Big Brother will solve everything for us, soon Superjette will fall from the sky and this fun little soccer game will be over and we will have won and can go back to the resort.

A big dopamine-serotonin rush in which these people exist, making them dangerously out of touch with the world.

But fortunately, today there’s another uplifting letter from Gala de Lucia:

Hello dear listener,

On this channel, I will also make room for my musical friends. She is not Cuban, but what does it matter? She creates beautiful songs, primarily in the R&B genre: Luz Carabello. She is with the same record label as me. I really like this song, no, it is not a cover, it is inspired by a song from The Doors: “My Eyes Have Seen You”. The singer indicates that this is not a very deep text, Jim, my eyes have seen you.

Reflecting on Jim’s lyrics in a song makes the theme conceptual:

My eyes see you, My eyes see you. Tell me, Jim, these are not exactly deep texts,

Jim looks at me sadly. If it’s me, it’s about How much feeling can you put into singing something like this?

But what kind of feeling is that? Someone who uses what you think, Someone who uses their eyes for the first time.

Exactly that which suddenly makes you realize that it is possible. Seeing someone,

It also has something possessive, Almost psychotic, It depends a bit on Where you put the emphasis.

My eyes see you, My eyes see you,

Jim, shakes his head. It’s about the context,
Listen, My eyes have seen you,
Stand at your door, Find yourself inside, Show me more,

It’s beautiful, I say, My eyes see you.
You stand at your door, Come inside, show me more,
It’s beautiful, I say, My eyes see you.

You are in yourself, Come inside, Go further,
Sing with incredible feeling, says Jim.

Come inside, Go further,
Sing with incredible feeling, says Jim.

It’s almost psychotic, the songwriter notes, but still, my eyes have seen you, my eyes have seen you, it’s so beautiful that eyes can see.

I hope my sister will have great success with this song. Can you help her a little by subscribing or sharing?

I don’t have much to say about the mystery of the eyes. But maybe I can say something about Jim Morrison. He was found dead in a bathtub, which seems like an alcohol problem.

Was it Cuban rum, what do you think?

It might have been, our rum is so strong. Where is that bathtub now? Shouldn’t it be in some kind of museum? Why aren’t there museums for the bathtubs celebrities have died in?

You see, I have too many questions, I’m too busy with questions to be obsessed with my eyes like Jim and Luz.

A Latin American greeting to all the fans of The Doors!

Gala de Lucia

And so we face another hot day. Without Cuban rum, for I haven’t drunk a drop in 7 years, my only drug now is the music itself 🙂

The rest of the day I will spend remastering. I learn new things every time, and then everything I did before can be improved 🙂

I wish everyone a nice day!

Martijn 26-06-2024

About the author

Martijn Benders has published twenty-six books, eighteen of which are in Dutch. Critics such as Komrij and Gerbrandy have hailed him as one of the greatest talents of his time. He has also written three philosophical works, one of which is in English and focuses on the Amanita Muscaria, the Fly Agaric. Publishing on the international platform of The Philosophical Salon, he has also gained international recognition as one of the most remarkable thinkers from the Netherlands.


There exists a considerable group of leftist individuals who vigorously opposed the prevailing coronavirus narrative, including some of the world’s leading philosophers, such as Agamben and Kacem. However, this stance was heavily censored and vilified by what is referred to as ‘neocon-left’ or ‘woke-left’, as something associated solely with what they deem ‘far-right’. In my book, I discuss the reasons behind these actions, the underlying motives, and how this is emblematic of a new form of fascism aimed at seizing power permanently.

The middle section of the book is dedicated to poetry. It features a beautiful selection of poems from the Mediterranean region, by poets from Turkey and Greece, who have been imprisoned and tortured by the regime.

The final part of my book is a manifesto against literary nihilism, as manifested in the Literature Fund. It reveals how this fund is dominated by a group of Christians and ‘wokies’, which is undesirable in a free society.

Amanita Muscaria – The Book of the Empress is an exceptional work that sets a new benchmark in the realm of mycophilosophy. While one might be tempted to classify the book within the domain of Art History, such a categorization would fail to capture its true essence. 

Amanita Muscaria – The Book of the Empress – De Kaneelfabriek, 2023

You don’t have time to read this, but that’s because you are no longer human. If anything remained of the original person within you, the old mycelia of childhood, you would learn a great deal from this book. In fact, its magical knowledge might become your most valuable possession. This is a book about human imagination and how it fell into the iron grip of transdimensional cockroaches. Additionally, it offers magical tips to significantly improve your life and time acceleration. M.H.H. Benders also takes a light-hearted yet scathing look at the entirety of Dutch literature. What more could you want?