My Heroes

Some Woke with Jesus cretins have been suggesting I would have ‘right-wing symphaties’ because I dont toe their party-line. That is sheer nonsense: I have been an anarchist all my life and have never voted for any rightwing party. I believe in what Gore Vidal wrote: A real intellectual does not let himself be represented. 

Ursela K. Le Guin
Anarchist writer and philosopher.

Jack Vance

Creator of fascinating worlds

Roald Dahl

The British Tjechov, if you ask me.

Anton Chekhov

The Russian Dahl, but even better. 

Witold Gombrovicz

The most insane psychoanalyst was the only real one. 

Carlos Castaneda

The only sane explanation about how the universe operates: the sorcerers explanation. 

Jim Morrison

What can I say. Jim needed to be on here. Yes, the river knows. 

Novica Tadic

I love this montenegrian OWL man and his crazy wisdom. 


Grandfather of Menno Wigman who wrote poetry in the form of heideboeken. 

Michael Gira

An example to all of us, isn’t he? Soundwall Shaman. 

Anaam Zen

Toltec Warrior dedicated to teaching getting your tonal straight. 


Vicente Aleixandre

Grand and honorable poet of the beautiful Spanish culture.

Brendan Kennelly

Poetry my arse. That’s my kind of poet. 

Ferenc Juhász 

I published his magnificent work ‘boy that changed into a stag’ in Sauseschritt in 2015 and he died the same date. 

Sándor Csoóri 

Brilliant, dark, one of a kind. 

Milorad Pavic

Dictionary of Khazars is one of the best poetry works of the 20th century. 

Terence McKenna

I couldnt stand his nasal voice for a long period of my life but then it dawned on me: even nasal reality can be right. 

Can Yücel 

I did a pilgrimage to his house in 2022. The great Turkish poet. 

Wislawa Szymborska

I did a pilgrimage to her gravestone in 2021, but it went all wrong. Read my O Kolle Klokkespin to read why. 

Yiannis Ritsos

Great poet of the greek resistance. I translated his ‘Het dode huis’ as part of my book ‘Sauseschritt’. 


No, no: I am not a 'guru' of some sorts: I'm just a guy that happened to be succesful at fighting of the addictions dystopia had blessed me with.

Now I am devoting my time to helping others as a mycotherapist.

I know a lot about mushrooms and I have devised methods of employing them in your diet that will help your physical and emotional wellbeing.

If you experience problems and you think I might be able to help you, please go to my contact page and let's have a chat.

I wrote a book titled 'Amanita Muscaria: The Book of the Empress'. That book presents 'the big picture', the one you've perhaps been missing out on. It is the story of what really happened with humanity the last 1000 years, and how wild mushrooms came to be demonized, and how Amanita Muscaria/ Fly Agaric can help you regain your true self and at the same time make this planet a better place for everyone.

The book can be bought at regular dutch bookstores and soon at international bookstores too. And to be complete: you can also buy it from me directly using crypto. Just donate an amount of crypto to me that would equal about 33 euros and I will send you a signed copy:

If you want to donate me some crypto to help my cause (fighting the benzodiazepine epedemic) your contribution would also be most welcome.

I am also known as a writer and a poet. As of 2023 I have written about 18 books. Lots of them are available for free from my homepage: I have never been much of a kapitalist, and I believe that good poetry has a healing effect on people.

Drop me a line if you want to ask me something or collaborate on anything. I wish you a great life, and lots of luck and great guidance on the path you are walking.