My method

Welcome, fellow traveler. On this page I will explain some of the terms I often use to explain my
idea of the Universe.

I call myself a ‘Sage’ rather than a ‘Shaman’. Why, well read that story here:

What is a Sage

I had many teachers on my path and people I am indebted to. Information about them can be found here:

What is my Path (soon)

I am currently writing ‘the Microdose Bible’ and the book ‘SHHHHHHHHHHHROOM’. These are gigantic projects, they require to rebuild all knowledge from the ground up and try all these substances myself. I hope to finish the first book this year. Meanwhile discover the basis of my method: Oxygen. Microdosing oxygen, what? Yes, micro and macrodosing oxygen. Read more about it here:

What is my method

If you will set your first steps on the path of the warrior you will encounter an inner ‘enemy’. I call this entity the ‘psyborg’ read over here what it is and what it does:

What is the psyborg

I might add new pages to this page as my understanding of the Universe progresses.

M.H.H.Benders is a 'opperhoofd' (chief) that took an unfortunate turn flying through the cosmos and ended up in an industrial psyborg zone at the north sea where no one gives a shit about poetry or philosophy or magic but they love datacenters and corona rules and other psyborg hobbies.