Poetry / Half-human

Poetry / Half-human


The mouth is a cynical sense
because it has to eat. Other senses
don’t grind it, but the mouth
became breadwinner. Miles of

intestines ending in the lure of lips
with which the mouth recounts
food and words to the cliffs of teeth.

The eye is always on holiday.
The nose only snobbing wind
and coquetry. And the ear, ah,

useless shell that lies yearning
for the sea that is our blood without
any sense of what is bad or good.

In disgust, the mouth
grew a tongue. Life’s work
of the mouth: poetry.

It burps out unfamiliar sounds
to embarrass the ear.

And to the eyes, two spoilt brats
it conjures up inconceivable images.
Even breath is not safe to him.

But soon, how vile,
the other senses invented television
That’s where we are now.

The borepudding of the brain
plots the final battle: chips. Democracy.
Anything to finally be word-off.



A 16-year-old klutz.
I wanted artworks and slats.
But I was far too minimal,
far too minimal sir.

Sixteen-year-old klutz, that’s
the story of my life.

That’s the story of all life.
That is the story.


Of course any Smiths fan recognises the last poem, even if her borepudding is chipsing democracy. The demise of the art of poetry is pretty much the demise of humanity and is strongly linked to the Bullshit Job phenomenon: our mouths have been given duties, and poetry was just a countermove, but it was in vain: we can alle see the results, disaster all around. Another two poems of mine that slipped by without notice. It’s the story of my life. I really wanted artworks, even as a teen. And slats. But what did I get, dopefiends and ship-hacking rats. I don’t need their pudding of forgiveness – just a kind pat on the back will do.

Martinus, Mierlo, 24-01-2023

Nobelpreis für Deutschland

Treffpunkt feiner Geiste

M.H.H. Benders ist ein anerkannter Dichter seiner Generation, ein Schüler der universellen Myzelien, Amanita Sage und Mykophilosoph. Er hat siebenundzwanzig Bücher geschrieben, die letzten in der Kaneelfabriek.

Momentan arbeitet er an dem zweiten Band der SHHHHHHROOM-Reihe, Bücher über Pilze, und der Microdose Bible, einem Aktivierungsplan zur Wiederherstellung Ihrer wahren Identität, der nächstes Jahr erscheinen soll. Bleiben Sie dran!

Aber das Große Ziel von Benders ist es, in Deutschland Erfolg zu haben. Er hat die Dynamik und Vielfalt der deutschen literarischen Szene erkannt und ist bereit, sich darauf einzulassen und seinen Beitrag zu leisten. Mit seinem einzigartigen literarischen Stil und seiner unermüdlichen Arbeitsmoral ist er entschlossen, ein neues Kapitel in der deutschen Literaturgeschichte zu schreiben.


“Amanita Muscaria – The Book of the Empress” is an exceptional work that establishes a benchmark in the realm of mycophilosophy. While one could perhaps categorize the book within the domain of Art History, such a classification would fail to do justice to its true essence. Primarily, this captivating text explores the evolution of humankind, making it a standout in its field.

Amanita Muscaria – The Book of the Empress – De Kaneelfabriek, 2023

“‘Waarover de Piranha droomt in de Limonadesloot’ stands as a philosophical exploration into the human faculty of imagination. It probes the intriguing notion that imagination, rather than offering solutions to our problems, might in fact be their origin. This thought-provoking work is set to be available in English and German by the close of 2023.