The real secrets of the most wonderful mushroom

M.H.H.Benders is an Amanita Sage that is involved in organising forest ceremonies centered around the Amanita Muscaria. He is also a renowned writer, and as such he has been instructed by the spirit of the mushroom to write its real history, its real uses, to create other Forest Sages and instruct them how to live their life in accordance with nature and mushrooms. 

The book also contains a meticulous ‘diet’ centred on the consumption of medicinal mushrooms, for which the author has spent years going through all kinds of medical studies and reports. And don’t forget the wonderful recipe book, which presents a selection of interesting and original recipes that will certainly make your life around mushrooms more pleasant.

This is the most advanced book ever published on mushrooms and their Empress, the Amanita Muscaria. You will find the best trip reports, interviews with Sages, Shamans and ordinary people who use the mushroom and indispensable tips if you want to take a step towards connection with the forest and the forest spirits.

Last but not least: it is a collection of amanita poems and songs. Around 300 pages of sheer shroomy brilliance, preorder it now to preserve a copy:


M.H.H.Benders is a 'opperhoofd' (chief) that took an unfortunate turn flying through the cosmos and ended up in an industrial psyborg zone at the north sea where no one gives a shit about poetry or philosophy or magic but they love datacenters and corona rules and other psyborg hobbies.