Boring computer mag turns conspiracy nutter

Boring computer mag turns conspiracy nutter

Strange how in these times even a boring computer magazine like PC Magazine suddenly produces the most far-fetched nonsense that seems to come out of a cheap science fiction film.

Microsoft patent describes tracking brain activity to mine cryptocurrency

April 2020 was the moment that this magazine went so off the rails that it started to need medication. Why would one of the richest men in the world measure all of our brains and then use that data to mine cryptocurrency?

Well, to cryptomine you need computing power. Just think how much computing power you would have if you could use all the brains in the world for a task, brains that remain largely unused because the psyborg is only doing its predictable rounds in the prefrontal cortex, leaving the brain’s gigantic quantum processor unused from birth.

You can feed that psyborg commercials, and by measuring its brain activity and using its unused brain for cryptomining, you can become impotently indecently rich until the end of time.

But…isn’t Gates already? He already has so much money that he will never, ever be able to use it? So why this? Why something so low to the ground and evil if you already have everything?

Aliens and reptiles

No, no, leave the aliens and reptiles in their pens. However understandable it would be to go down that road in order to interpret such inexplicable evil.

Gates and Zuckertwerg are of course psyborgs themselves. And because they are psyborgs, they can be controlled more or less remotely.

We can only deduce what this party is planning from the patent and that is a downright evil plan. A credit system controlled by the brain, by a user who is rewarded as Microsoft is allowed to use the brain.

The monkey and his troop

The monkey is biologically programmed to function in pyramid form. The deep instinct of the ape believes that the leader is always good, except when he or she can be overthrown by a stronger ape.

Hence, in modern times where money is all that matters, you see this reflected in the orchestrated form of the billionaire fight – Elon Musk vs Bill Gates etc etc.

But one billionaire is working on the interface to communicate with the brain, another on perfecting hidden advertising techniques and a third on getting everything on a chip and digital passports etc.

It is all out in the open, but as soon as you start drawing lines between all these points, the media jump at the chance to dismiss you as a madman. And all this while it is crystal clear that all scientific development is in the hands of this money, it is hidden and it is impossible to know how far they are, there is no control and the ethical discussion will never take place because people have no idea what the state of affairs is and the intellectual infrastructure has been disabled.

Insert here: a herd of bleating psyborgs of your choice about faith in science.

What a mess!

Yes, say that again. I will remember January 2022 as the month when I was allowed to read in an NOS headline that a ‘peacekeeping force’ from Russia is coming to extinguish the dangerous situation in Kazakhstan.

A peacekeeping force. Merry Christmas everyone! I feel sorry for people who have to grow up in such countries, but soon the whole world will be such a nice minefield for billbling.


By their shhhroom shall ye know them

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