Microdosing is not the universal medicine

Microdosing, it seems like a new magic word. And it may always be better than most of those psychiatric medications, which don’t activate anything but only suppress symptoms. The majority of psychiatric medicines are aimed at making the subject “function socially” again, which means that boredom must be chemically imitated as well as possible and, just like at school, given a golden edge.

Psychedelics aren’t boredom with a golden edge. Microdosing started somewhere in Silicon Valley, where people are under great pressure to be creative, and then microdosing with LSD helps, of course, but it remains stress as the basis for a forced solution.

Personally, I do not know how you can maintain that, microdosing with LSD, because I think it is a very intensive substance, and 10ug, so 1/10 of the normal dose already guarantees a day full of intense and different experiences. Very nice but too tiring to do every day.

Why do we have to do it every day? Oh yes, because we imitate psychiatry. Or Silicon Valley, where people are under great pressure to perform creatively. Well, not such a good idea. None of that fits with the nature of psychedelics – so I started to invent my own way of microdosing.

What you don’t want is a constant load on the alpha receptor, the reason that LSD increases the heart rate and temperature. Now LSD is also very mild on the body, only that alpha receptor is really a thing – especially in combination with the constant burden by microdosing.

Psychedelics are intended as a trip, a one-time, intense experience that can change your life.

Are you going to change that formula to something that serves you as a kind of pill to make you happy – I don’t know. Still, I’m not against microdosing, it helps a lot of people, of course, because just about anything is better than that drug industry. I’m going to experiment and see if I can design a method that works better in all respects.