The Visuals are not the lesson.

A thing you often see with psychedelics – people who take them and think ‘having visuals’ likes CEVS is the point of these substances.

Trust me, it isn’t. Closed eye visuals or open eye visuals are just a distraction. They are not the purpose nor the meaning of a trip.

One of the most noisy kind of (unnatural) structures in nature is the family. My thought today as I was meditating by the lake while a very nosiy family was taking pictures around:

  • The assemblage point moves through multi-dimensional reality in the first year of infancy and the task of the parents is to fix it in this world, which happens in its second year. Other dimensions dissapear.
  • The other task parents have is to install both a talk-generator and a thought-generator, which the being is then force to identify itself with
  • These generators are strengthened in the school system. By systematically pumping the head full of useless information, the talk and thought generators create a guardian to defend their mental monopoly

One of the reasons I dislike ‘reincarnation’ type theories is that they completely ignore the multidimensional nature of the multiverse we live in. Reincarnation all takes place in this dimension, it’s a flat lineair phenomenon.

In my life I try avoid people with predominant talk-generators. These are people that do not choose their talkings, but whose talkings are automatically generated.

Families and education are constructed in such fashion that they install and reward such monstrocities.

As a warrior, your task is to silence these generators, and the best way to proceed with that is to learn to do both in the most conscious way imaginable: you choose what you talk about, and you choose what you think about. As long as that control is absent you haven’t even taken the first step on the path.


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