De Nagual M.Benders Don-Hogervorst

Welcome to this place that celebrates magik, intelligence and language.

Reconnect! Read more about guided psychoactive therapy.

Maximize your potential reconnect to the divine spirit of nature.
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Magik is Freedom

Escape the machine-mind and reconnect with the magikal self.

Microdose coach

Connect to a microdose coach and teacher and learn to treat yourself to become your best version.
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Don't believe the hype!

But instead focus on stopping the world, become the star you truly are.

The Sage System

Read about the Sage System and become a Sage of Realities.
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Verwacht: Ginneninne, de kersttijdreisbundel van Martinus Benders, december 2020. 

Verwacht: Wissewasjes uit het Grote Ongewisse.
Een magische gids voor de moderne sage.  Publicatiedatum: ongewis. 

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