The Elevated Density of My Heartfelt Verses

This article is based on this Dutch article by Martijn Benders In the past six months, I’ve managed to gather 130 subscribers on YouTube with my personal account. Yesterday, I investigated how many subscribers people I know, who’ve been acting like celebrities their entire lives online, actually have: about the same number. Does this mean […]

Your Name Has Already Been Written in the Past Tense

This article is based on this Dutch article of Martijn Benders Oh, indeed, you would almost feel sorry for the man. Who came up with the idea to put this dark-clad figurehead of our false sense of security on the throne? https://www.threads.net/@maartenhopman/post/C9A6o5Mo0RB The man is completely unsuitable for that position. Look how even the door […]

A Cinematic Creation with Runway 3

This article is based on this Dutch article of Martijn Benders Video Clip Made with Runway 3 De Hertenklanken, the shamanistic folk group from Mierlo, have a new love song on YouTube with an accompanying video that I made myself. The song itself features some delightful poetic hooks, ranging from vistas to inventive remorse to […]

The Healing Power of Lunar Moth Droppings

This article is based on this Dutch article of Martijn Benders ### The Medicinal Power of Moon Moth Droppings What a splendid creature, wouldn’t you agree? Veronique and I recently became Lepidomedicophagous. We’re raising moon moths, and we have two large containers full of moon moth caterpillars. They feed on leaves from our walnut tree […]

The Circle of Profomagnetic Influence

This article is based on this dutch article of Martijn Benders One downside of today’s era is that you have to explain everything to people; they can no longer figure things out on their own. People often ask me, Benders, what is that circle for that so proudly graces the cover of your collected works? […]

The Mirror-faced King

Yesterday, we witnessed a very strange phenomenon. A psychopath with narcissistic tendencies spending an entire afternoon bidding farewell to his victims, including twenty half-hearted “sorry, sorry, sorry” apologies – no, that’s not the strange part, but rather the psychologically predictable part of the equation. No, the truly strange aspect of this situation is that it […]

My heart is a tow-shack full of unknown languages

Last night, the blaring of Frans Bauer’s music echoed through the village again – Cherry Pop, or what is it called? Pitpop? It happens every year. As the sounds of the coarse folk festival reverberated through the narrow streets, I found myself lost in thoughts about the French writer Céline. How, in the opening of […]

My song was banned from the British radio

I am freewheeler Jesus Only plants know where I stand. These are two lines from a song I wrote this morning for my band Berry Lee Berry & the Benders. Towards the end of the song, there is this call: Rise from the ashes, the Gaza cries! With hands held high, against the storm Walls […]

A letter from Court / Ages

When I receive a letter from the court, I respond to it the same day and mail the letter the same day as well. This is not a strategy towards the court but a strategy for my own energy. If I don’t respond the same day, I know that I will lie awake at night […]

Mijn ogen zien jou

The wooden puppet Rutte at the helm of WWIII. While Russia just added 1 million North Korean soldiers to its arsenal, and Turkey announced its preference to join the BRICS rather than participate in WWIII, a project undoubtedly orchestrated by the same brilliant minds who invented the coronavirus era. No, not a ‘conspiracy theory’, you […]

An effective tea for the nights – unsung remedies for insomnia

(Dutch on my Substack – subscribe!) Who would think to transform into an actual toaster at the age of 53? Well, I would. Just listen: I’ve added subtitles. Furthermore, today another letter from Gala de Lucia: Dear listeners, This is a song about an old pirate, based on a poem from the collection “They’re Just […]

The new Cubacrisis as a revolving door?

Today a letter from Gala de Lucia. She created a beautiful song about a revolving door, and now she has her own YouTube channel: This is her letter, translated from Spanish: When I read this poem, which was a translation made by Martijn Benders of a Serbian poet, I immediately understood that this poem in […]